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Vacation Booking Tech Tips

I’m horrible when it comes to vacations. It’s not like I can’t enjoy a vacation, it’s that I can’t plan one. Every time I attempt to plan the “perfect” destination vacation it ends of backfiring. Instead of relaxation it becomes exasperation. These tips have calmed my spirit. I think I’m FINALLY ready to plan a vacation without a disaster. 

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Doctor-Approved Cocktail Drinks

Memorial Day is about honor and respect for our countrymen who sacrificed life, family, and everything in between for the USA. But after a moment of silence, it’s time to savor the fruits of our military men and women’s efforts and let our palates enjoy some cool, mincing cocktail drinks while on the lake with the fam. I love how this list of cocktail drinks are good for me. A combination of pleasure and wellness. 

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Ticks & Creepy Crawlers Ruining My Day

I love summer, but what I don’t love about it is the creepy crawly things that come with it, and so far this week they’ve been pretty bad. I got my pooch some dog supplements that help him avoid such things, but I wish there were a similar solution for people.

Sunday night a hairy black spider accosted me while I was sorting laundry.  Monday I trapped a wasp under a p-nut butter far.  Tuesday a wasp hurtled onto my keyboard just inches from my hand, and he came down with such speed that it was like he was thrown at me.  I nearly jumped out of my chair… but I’m not moving so fast these days, and thus failed to make it the whole way out before I identified, and squished the unidentified hurtling missile.

But today, today was the worst.  I just got a call for the school nurse – they found a tick on my daughter.  It gives me the shivers just thinking about it.

The nurse said she’s removed over 50 ticks from kids this spring already, there’s only around 200 kids in the entire school (which houses only !st anf 2nd grades).

But she did give me a handy tip on how to remove them, but hopefully I’ll never have to use it.  I’m breaking out the bug spray and we’re all just going to shower in it every 6 hours!

Anyway the school nurse’s tick removal method:  Dish soap (she said she uses Dawn) on a Q-tip swirled counter clockwise around the base of the tick, and the tick will back itself out.

A note from the pediatrician then:  if the tick hasn’t been attached for more than 24 hours, then there’s usually nothing to worry about, just watch the area for any redness or rashes.

Ugh!  I hope the creepy crawlies stop here!

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Translation Services in Michigan

I recently read an article on companies that goofed up their translations, which was provided by a Michigan language translation agency. It went on to show how when you translate something like a slogan to Spanish, Chinese or any other language, it often does not pass along the same message. Also, many areas have special customs and beliefs, which need to be paid attention to before marketing to them.

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Environmental Consulting For Concerned Businesses

Ever hear about how a business goes bankrupt because they bought a bad property that was literally a money pit? There are those who specialize in environmental consulting services that help businesses avoid just that. Look into it if you’re a business owner, you will be certainly glad that you did!

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Steel Sculpting Website

If you ever have some time to kill, take a look through this steel sculpting website. It has quite a few gems buried deep in the pages, and many of the items are actually for sale! Pick them up while they’re hot! (figuratively)

Dinosaur sand sculptures at the Sand Sculpting...
Dinosaur sand sculptures at the Sand Sculpting Australia “Dinostory” exhibit held at Frankston, Victoria, Australia 2008/2009. The sculpture was the created with the combined efforts of an international team of sand sculpting artists: :*Karen Fralich (Canada) - children playing in foreground; :*Peter Bignell (Tasmania, Australia) - Triceratops skull and logo; :*Martijn Rijerse (Netherlands) - Tyrannosaurus rex scene; :*Jino van Bruissenen and Christina Mija (NSW, Australia) - background panel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)